All the info you need to jumpstart your weight-loss under your own steam.

“After having completed many months of coaching, things were starting to slip again with the stresses of work and home-schooling. Chris gave me an early copy of this book and it was fantastic leafing through the pages and reminding myself of all the habits I’ve dialled in over the past year as a result of Chris’s coaching. Realising that everything that got me great results in the first place is in this book!”

Gordon Grier

Contains over 100 Easy Hacks You Can Make at Home for Effortless Weight-Loss

Use this guide to quickly and simply get to your ideal weight without the guesswork. What You Need to Know for Long Term Results:

  • Learn the “One Fat-loss Rule to Rule them All” (and why nothing will work if you overlook it).
  • Discover the 3 most important areas of focus to get the maximum results with the least amount of friction.
  • Learn the key tactics you need to know to lose weight without giving up your favourite beer or tipple. 
  • Utilise the included extensive checklist containing over 100 environmental hacks and weight loss tips & tricks.

This Book is especially for you if..

  • The idea of providing ‘before and after photos’ is enough to make you avoid getting help.   
  • The idea of being thrown into a back slapping FB ‘fat-fighters group’ isn’t really your cup of tea.  
  • You find intense cardio for weight loss fairly miserable, inconvenient or time consuming.    
  • Pain or a longstanding injury has excused you from getting to the gym or going out running.
  • You’ve told yourself that’s the reason you will never lose ‘the weight’.  
  • On those occasions you’ve lost weight through exercise or diets, it doesn’t stay off for long.
  • You’ve lost weight on a few different diets but don’t know what to do when the diet ends.  
  • Group ‘shred’ or ‘spin’ classes were never discreet or enjoyable enough. Not really your scene.     
  • You’ve often told yourself ‘this brutally hard cardio session is what I deserve’. Perhaps following an indulgent weekend.    
  • You beat yourself up on the days you are unable to get out for a run or a cycle because that’s how you’ve historically managed your weight. 

Sound Familiar?

If so…this could be the only weight loss resource you’ll need.

Because there’s a much easier way to GET LEAN and more importantly, STAY lean. We already know that diets are hard to stick to long term. But it’s also time to stop beating yourself up when it comes to (not getting enough) exercise and this book lays it all out for you. That’s because, as you’ll read, both the evidence and our shared past results confirm that exercise is mostly a distraction when it comes to weight-loss. It simply shouldn’t be a priority unless your most important goal is getting faster, getting fitter, building muscle or getting stronger.

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How to Lose Weight Successfully Under Your Own Steam!

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About Chris

Personal coach, specialising in getting dads healthy in the fastest way possible without the misery. Taking a unique and individualised approach to bring about positive, long-term change with a focus on environments, behaviours, habit formation and evidence-based solutions. I believe that our individual autonomy is the key to good health. A fairly private guy, I try not to take myself too seriously:) At my happiest spending time with my wife, daughter and Ivan & Orla our daft dugs!

Uncommon Results

Congratulations on making some worthwhile steps towards your goal. I promote an evidence based approach to weight-loss, meaning I wont make claims or promises i can’t back up with data (just like it was for most things before 2020). I also promise to treat your details with the utmost respect, so I will never spam you with garbage or pester you to ‘buy my stuff’. If you need any help implementing don’t hesitate to get in touch using the details provided in the book and get a kick-start coaching session with no commitments.

Why These Clients Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

“My weight was creeping around 100KG and i knew at my age i had to do something about it. I was slightly sceptical around Chris’s approach initially due to the very small changes we were making to my diet; also because it was winter and i wasn’t doing any cycling either. But from the first week i started regularly losing between 1 and 2 pounds by making small changes to my breakfast at first followed by my lunch a few weeks later. Even more surprisingly, we never meddled with the family dinner and i never sacrificed my beer! Chris correctly predicted we would hit my goal weight on 1st May (he tells me it was a fluke). Really impressed.” Full client interview here.

Chris Gibb

“It turns out I’ve wasted many hours over the last 20 years trying to lose weight down the gym. Having lost 2 stone with Chris i’m absolutely gobsmacked as I’ve done little activity during this time and nothing has felt like hardship. Now into my 2nd phase and thoroughly enjoying progressing on a few simple home-based strength workouts while continuing to lose weight. Definitely recommended to anyone else who has 2 kids under 5 and very little time to themselves as it is.”

Gordon Grier

“After over a year of extensive travel, I really needed to do something. The weekly coaching sessions with Chris have been great and the advice and encouragement has helped me totally change my eating habits.  It doesn’t feel like a diet, but a long term change for the better.In the first 3 months I lost over 2 stone and was a really happy man to be back to my confident self in my best suit again. The coaching approach also fits brilliantly around long days and a young family.  I don’t regret a minute and have just signed up for a further couple of months to focus on building some strength in addition to losing just a few more pounds.”

Tom Hudson