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Everything Works

A wise man once said. “Living in a new world, dreaming of thee paaaast……it’s a machine world”…..

For some reason, this song enters my brain every time I hear someone talking about the ‘future’. It’s incredible how one summer of teenage binge listening to an album can mess with your brain for life!

One Vision

There are two common schools of thought when it comes to thinking ahead. You have the “what is meant to be, will be” passive mentality types, or the “grass is always greener where you water it” prepper types. I don’t believe coasting through life is the answer, and I wish it never bothered me as much, that so many people can be SO laid back.

There are many possible futures; and who knows what’s around the corner. But the possibilities ARE widely discussed and the intent of this ramble is to highlight that we are NOT just helpless passengers.

Take technology as an example. There’s plenty of fanfare around what the emergence of automation and robotics means for most of us, but one thing’s for sure, it’s going to impact us in big ways.

You may or may not be surprised at some of the jobs at risk, as it’s not just burger flippers and shop assistants. From drivers of HGV’s and taxis to professional positions such as doctors and lawyers, the list is growing. If your job can currently be measured in ‘performance’ terms, it’s said by people like Kevin Kelly that a robot may be applying for your position sometime soon!

Hammer to Fall (Sheer Heart Attack)

I’ve always been a bit of a worrier and (ironically) it borders on unhealthy how much I speculate about my future health in 10 or 20 years, in particular, my ongoing ability to support my family. Wondering how my wife and daughter will manage without me (just fine!..i can hear them say), tends to keep me moving and making better choices.

What does the future mean to you? Do you think similarly and does it spur you on to positive change? Or is it too much of a mental/physical challenge? Perhaps you’re currently out of shape or quietly suffering from ill health or pain, and holding out for science to give you the solution?

Technology provides us with the worlds knowledge at our fingertips along with the gadgets to monitor our progress. Information overloads and teases us with promises of life enhancement/superhuman strength/ 6 pack abs etc. In my experience, the time we spend searching for the next ‘best’ workout program, highest rated fitness app or tracking gadget only serves to distract big-time, from the work that needs doing.

The thing is, most of us already know ‘what to do’. For fat loss, strength and size, almost everything works, particularly for a beginner, if we would only just apply ourselves.

Man-Made Paradise

What if there are no pharmaceutical or technological fixes around the corner, but instead a long future, filled with more of today’s challenges?

Perhaps we will live longer than we ever imagined, but without health and happiness, does that even appeal?

How will you continue to earn a living? Will retiring actually be possible or something you want to do? Will you be ‘lucky’ enough to be cash-rich but a physical and mental mess & burden to your kids?

Are you creating your own future or is it something you’ll think about tomorrow or some other day?

Is technology a crutch and a distraction like it can be for me? Or worse, are we secretly holding off for a gadget to fix our ills, perhaps hoping that a new magic pill might do the trick?

You Want to Break Free?

If you’re currently out of shape, in pain and sleepwalking into your forties or fifties (been there too bud) surely it’s time to take things into your own hands? 

History tells us that the rules can and WILL change. We simply can’t rely on pensions, hospitals and elderly care being around in the next couple of decades.

As Freddie said- ‘when the machines take over, it’s bytes and mega chips for tea’ – and if only he knew how close he was to predicting those automated upmarket MacDonalds’ already appearing in your towns and cities.

As the wise author, Dan John says, “everything works” – so just get started (with something) and stick to the plan long enough to see some results. Dan also nails it by reminding us to “keep the goal the goal”!

Sticking your head in the sand won’t make time stand still. We may not know for sure what the future holds, but it’s where the best version of yourself is hangin out!

Change happens fast, will you be ready?

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