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Stayin Alive

Picture the moment

You’ve just thrown your toys oot the pram at work again. Resigned or fired on the spot (you seen it coming didn’t you) and you later start recounting and offloading what happened in the car park to a total stranger. Only, this person represents the most pivotal moment in your career/life (think possible stratospheric job opportunity or forever partner). They ask a very predictable question you’ve probably had 10 years to ponder……

“nice to meet you Gordon, what brings you here, ………what do you do for a living”

Will you crumble or will you blow them over with a short sharp reply that defines the problems you solve for folk in a comfortable 10 seconds?

Captured Audience

An ‘elevator speech’ as it’s often called; where you do your best to describe what you do in the time it takes a lift to travel a few floors without skipping a beat (perhaps the only positive of ever taking a lift…). Likely focussing on how you solve problems for people..

I’ll be honest with you here. I’ve struggled with this one for a while until a few years ago. I’ve personally found that after stating I’m a safety, health & fitness guy, i then feel the urge to explain further before I quickly get characterised as a grey-suited, clipboard-wielding, finger-wagging enemy of progress.

Hunting High and Low for an answer

My ‘aha’ moment came recently when attending my first aid refresher. We were reminded that a good tempo for administering chest compressions was, to the tune of ’Stayin Alive by the BeeGees’ (seemingly ‘500 miles’ works also).That’s it, Staying alive! I thought to myself. All of my skills revolve around keeping people alive…Finally!!

“Hi Mr Musk, my name is Chris and I help professionals avoid death through coaching and accountability …..” erm needs some work I think, but you hopefully get the idea.

So next time you bump into the opportunity of your dreams – what do you have to say for yourself? It might pay big time to start thinking about it now. After a quick google for ideas; in half an hour you can put a ‘statement’ together you’ll be proud of – particularly if it chimes with your ‘WHY’ discussed in a previous post.

BTW, whatever your ‘WHY’ is, it won’t happen if you’re not trying to er……stay alive 🙂

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