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The New Abnormal

  Life is strange right now. Like Groundhog Day, each day blends into the next as we pull on those baggy shorts once again and make the mistake of jumping on the internet for ‘only 5 mins’. Up until a week ago, I had avoided posting on ‘social’ because I didn’t know what to say […]

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Loss of Control

You’re paralysed at the wheel of your speeding family car, unable to steer, brake or move whatsoever. But your wife and daughter are strangely still smiling in the back seat – as if they can’t hear you shouting and screaming. You pass some friends who seem oblivious and smile and wave as you speed past. […]

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Why Bother?

Keeping consistent with anything is a struggle for most of us. All it seems to take is a cold morning to justify taking ‘a day off’. Have you ever wondered why you can’t find the motivation or the discipline for that big change you were so excited about at the beginning of January?  Do you […]

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Stayin Alive

Picture the moment You’ve just thrown your toys oot the pram at work again. Resigned or fired on the spot (you seen it coming didn’t you) and you later start recounting and offloading what happened in the car park to a total stranger. Only, this person represents the most pivotal moment in your career/life (think […]

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Everything Works

A wise man once said. “Living in a new world, dreaming of thee paaaast……it’s a machine world”….. For some reason, this song enters my brain every time I hear someone talking about the ‘future’. It’s incredible how one summer of teenage binge listening to an album can mess with your brain for life! One Vision […]