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Are You Spinning Your Wheels?

Are You Spinning Your Wheels? Many of us have made this mistake is the truth… Do these quotes sound familiar? “I can’t exercise hard anymore, as I’ve got a bad back, sore shoulder or a dodgy knee.” “I’ve pretty much accepted that losing weight is now impossible for me due to my illness or injury.” […]

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The New Abnormal

  Life is strange right now. Like Groundhog Day, each day blends into the next as we pull on those baggy shorts once again and make the mistake of jumping on the internet for ‘only 5 mins’. Up until a week ago, I had avoided posting on ‘social’ because I didn’t know what to say […]

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Everything Works

A wise man once said. “Living in a new world, dreaming of thee paaaast……it’s a machine world”….. For some reason, this song enters my brain every time I hear someone talking about the ‘future’. It’s incredible how one summer of teenage binge listening to an album can mess with your brain for life! One Vision […]