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The New Abnormal


Life is strange right now.

Like Groundhog Day, each day blends into the next as we pull on those baggy shorts once again and make the mistake of jumping on the internet for ‘only 5 mins’.

Up until a week ago, I had avoided posting on ‘social’ because I didn’t know what to say is the truth. Everyone has their own challenges at the moment and the last thing I want to do is assume I have any idea what those unique struggles are.

For me though, i’ve struggled to adopt a PROPER routine, and I’m only just managing to get back on track. Over the last few weeks, all my favourite foods and crap habits (usually reserved for the weekend) were progressively creeping into my weekdays.

I know it’s not my fault though, it’s part of being human. Because there’s actual science behind WHY we eat and drink more, when we’re anxious and stressed. We’re experiencing a blood sugar low due to the cascade of hormones stimulated by the elevated stress hormone, cortisol. But our bodies intuitively know what the solution is, as we reach for snacks containing a devilish mix of salt, sugar and fat alongside a favourite beer. The insulin release that follows, boosts seratonin and melatonin to the brain, making us a whole lot more relaxed and happier in the moment.

‘Stress eating’ or ‘comfort eating’ is a coping mechanism, with very REAL short term benefits, particularly if we’re trying to wind down and get any chance of restful, healing sleep.

But we all know how this plays out if this becomes the new normal.

If we’re not looking after ourselves properly, by extension, we’re not putting our families future health, or fincancial security ‘front and centre.’

RIGHT NOW we need our health and resilience more than ever. When the overhead oxygen masks drop on the flight, there’s a reason we put OUR masks on FIRST.

Whether we’re managing stress, anxiety or losing weight, a coaching approach can help you identify the best priorities for YOUR health. A service that shouldn’t be compared to ‘online training’. Because it’s a completely different thing altogether.

For many, coaching is the path to life long improvement. But not everyone is suited to coaching. Some folk can often get much better results under their own steam.

So if you’re striving to get back to NORMAL normal, and wish to re-focus on those scientifically established SIGNIFICANT and real life changing risks, why not get started under your own steam with my FREE eBook which shows you everything you need to know to get fast, easy results without the gimmicks.

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