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Are You Spinning Your Wheels?

Are You Spinning Your Wheels?

Many of us have made this mistake is the truth…

Do these quotes sound familiar?

“I can’t exercise hard anymore, as I’ve got a bad back, sore shoulder or a dodgy knee.”

“I’ve pretty much accepted that losing weight is now impossible for me due to my illness or injury.”

“I’m not built for running or exercise, so I’ll probably always be on the heavy side.”

I’ve heard several people over the years use expressions like these to explain why they THINK they can’t lose weight.

But the truth is, even if exercise has become a pain in the proverbial, that doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight. We’ve had it drummed into us for years, that the gym is where the magic ‘fat-burning’ happens, but the evidence now tells us EXCERCISE is NOT a very smart strategy for most people.

That’s right!. There is a much more effective way to lose weight, and it doesn’t need to involve any exercise or associated pain.

A Pain in the Butt !

I was once that guy. Trying to control my weight for most of my life with exercise. That’s what the newspaper supplements and magazines had been telling us after all. If I’d only paid more attention to the results, (I wasn’t getting) year after year. 

However, around seven years ago, I developed piriformis pain and sciatica. At the time, I was reasonably active between running/cycling and attending the gym.

But it became increasingly apparent that I would pay a heavy price for almost any cardio or lower body workout. My pain levels were already barely manageable. But I now had even more pain and fatigue to contend with a day or two after exercise. 

I couldn’t sit at my desk for any longer than 20 mins and driving to work was a nightmare. So I was forced to explore alternative solutions for weight loss that didn’t involve the gym.

That’s when I discovered that I had been wasting my time in the gym all these years. I was doing cartwheels when during my nutrition studies, I learned that, for anyone trying to lose weight, exercise is not where our focus needs to be. It’s just not very effective for weight loss according to the best evidence.

But all these years later, I’m properly frustrated (but not surprised) that the message doesn’t seem to be catching on, perhaps because big junk food along with cola corp continues to fund and perpetuate this myth. “Drink cola as part of an active lifestyle” is an example of how pervasive advertising is majorly to blame. Translation “eat and drink our high-calorie shit, with plenty of exercise, and you’ll be fine.” Which is a bit disingenuous to say the least, unless you exercise the way Michael Phelps does!

What About You?

I’ve more recently wondered how many other people are out here – just like me? 

Have you been unnecessarily stressing, because you can’t get to the gym due to the smackdown, or are you just avoiding exercise due to some of the reasons above?

Perhaps you were also thinking, it’s impossible to lose weight?

Well, it’s time to cut yourself some slack. Because there’s just no need to continue, with the generic exercise and diet dogma, peddled by pt’s, gyms and big business for decades. 

Instead, we should focus on the ‘biggest bang for the buck’ nutrition and lifestyle changes, which can be implemented progressively over time. Much more convenient; much less painful and far more effective

If you want further information on the science that supports the above, I’ve cited all the relevant studies in an extensive article I wrote a couple of years ago here.

Please remember the above advice pertains to weight-loss. Keeping active is very important for health; it just shouldn’t be your No.1 tool for weight loss. If you’re in pain and trying to lose weight, just be happy with some gardening, walking the dog and some press-ups. It doesn’t need to be complicated to get great results!

Just enjoy yourself, as much as that’s even possible these days.

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