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Why Bother?

Keeping consistent with anything is a struggle for most of us. All it seems to take is a cold morning to justify taking ‘a day off’. Have you ever wondered why you can’t find the motivation or the discipline for that big change you were so excited about at the beginning of January?  Do you […]

Change Goals Jobs Levelling up Planning Purpose

Stayin Alive

Picture the moment You’ve just thrown your toys oot the pram at work again. Resigned or fired on the spot (you seen it coming didn’t you) and you later start recounting and offloading what happened in the car park to a total stranger. Only, this person represents the most pivotal moment in your career/life (think […]

Change Goals Levelling up Motivation

Trust Your Gut

How do you feel about liars? Do you keep them around as friends even after the trust is gone? Are you a bit of liar yourself ? ? ! For everyone else who wasn’t offended, when was the last time you were hoodwinked (assuming you noticed) by a news story or health article? How did […]