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“Guinness Is Good For You”!

It’s amazing what people will believe with a bit of clever marketing, coercion, lies and censorship!   Are you looking forward to a well-deserved drink after a hard week? Can I let you in on a secret…? I’ve often thought about giving alcohol ‘the chop’… But I’ve decided that, for the following reasons, I’m NOT going […]

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Are You Spinning Your Wheels?

Are You Spinning Your Wheels? Many of us have made this mistake is the truth… Do these quotes sound familiar? “I can’t exercise hard anymore, as I’ve got a bad back, sore shoulder or a dodgy knee.” “I’ve pretty much accepted that losing weight is now impossible for me due to my illness or injury.” […]

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Lose Weight Without the Misery

If you value your time and are currently overweight, read on to discover why you never need to feel guilty about missing that group class/spin/torture session ever again, and find out what you SHOULD be focussing on to finally get those weight loss results you’re after. Many people associate the Gym with weight loss, without […]

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Why Bother?

Keeping consistent with anything is a struggle for most of us. All it seems to take is a cold morning to justify taking ‘a day off’. Have you ever wondered why you can’t find the motivation or the discipline for that big change you were so excited about at the beginning of January?  Do you […]